What is ORMUS?

ORMUS stands for Orbited Rearranged Monoatomic Element or Unidentified Substance. It’s also called ORME and elements that are in it are in an M-state.

ORUMS is used in all Eternal Gold Beauty products. As a high frequency skincare product line, our ingredients are what set us apart and also the reason we are ranked top 5 in American Spa. In addition to ORUMS we also use scalar energy in all our products.

Science has shown that ORUMS repairs the DNA and it’s now showing that it elevates states of consciousness. What we’re finding is that our skin actually has a consciousness, so when we’re applying ORMUS skincare to our face, and telling it what we want it to do, we are giving our skin cells the ability to reverse aging. We have also found that ORMUS and gold actually enhance the active ingredients already in the product. Our products are crafted to respond to your skin’s needs and now we are amplifying and enhancing that by adding ORMUS and gold.

ORMUS is something you want to have in your life. You want to have it on your skin. You want to play with the beautiful frequencies that it brings in. It is like no other element out there. It is truly the New Earth element. Learn more about ORMUS and our ORMUS, gold, and scalar infused products at EternalGoldBeauty.com