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Raising the Frequency of the physical body through DMT delivery systems.

Getting the attention of Dave Asprey, biohackers and influencers who are on the cutting of edge of what’s next in human evolution, BioQuantum Accelerated Skincare and Lifestyle products decode the molecular technology of the body to attune to the scalar frequency of DMT™ (963Hz). As we activate DMT™ frequencies on a molecular level, this signals the body to turn off epigenetic codes, boost telomere and mitochondrial health, and awaken the cells to 100% human potential.

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BQ Retail Partner

Designed for the wellness/holistic shops, local book stores and boutiques that have built a trusted reputation as the “go-to-place” for offering the most unique and interesting goods and services that can’t be found just anywhere else.  This partnership is ideal for innovative business leaders that just intuitively know that frequency is the future of the product/buyer experience and are ready to jump into the field of Scalar 963 with the Becoming BioQuantum brand.

BQ Spa-Aesthetician Partner

Tailored for spa and holistic beauty service providers who want to amplify their spa treatment packages and offer something “new” and “different” that is next level in cellular rejuvenation. BioQuantum’s Professional skincare line of quantum infused medi-grade formulas and trademarked facial treatments are coded to break the looping cycle of aging and provide a deeply restorative experience much like that of a 100 hours of meditation.

BQ Educator-Product Partner

Offering a unique twist to the wellness-customer experience, this partnership is designed as a collaborative partnership with life and health professionals such as acupuncturists, nutritionists, yoga instructors and life coaches to provide tools, products and workshops to assist their clients to develop a deeper level of awareness of the energetic patterns that are held within the body and how we can actively transmute these energies into a higher vibration by attuning the body to the frequency of Scalar 963.

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Liane Lopes

Co-Owner, Brand Ambassador, Director of Wholesale

How Old are Your Telomeres?

In this episode, Jewels and Liane reveal their telomere age and how they prove that we can not only reverse aging but are truly Becoming BioQuantum. Learn more about telomeres and how they can be a marker of your biological age.

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