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Becoming BioQuantum is getting the attention of Dave Asprey, Luke Story, biohackers and influencers who are on the cutting of edge of what’s next in human evolution. BioQuantum Accelerated Skincare and Lifestyle products decode the molecular technology of the body to attune to the scalar frequency of DMT™ (963). Activate DMT™ frequencies on a molecular level to raise the frequency of the mind, body and reality.

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BQ Retail Partner

Designed for the wellness/holistic shops, local book stores and boutiques that have built a trusted reputation as the “go-to-place” for offering the most unique and interesting goods and services that can’t be found just anywhere else.  This partnership is ideal for innovative business leaders that just intuitively know that frequency is the future of the product/buyer experience and are ready to jump into the field of Scalar 963 with the Becoming BioQuantum brand.

BQ Spa-Aesthetician Partner

Tailored for spa and holistic beauty service providers who want to amplify their spa treatment packages and offer something “new” and “different” that is next level in cellular rejuvenation. BioQuantum’s Professional skincare line of quantum infused medi-grade formulas and Enlightened Facial™ treatments are coded to break the looping cycle of aging and provide a deeply restorative experience much like that of a 100 hours of meditation.

BQ Wholesale Affiliate

Offering a unique twist to the wellness-customer experience, this partnership is designed as a collaborative partnership with life and health professionals that have an established business such as life coaches, yoga instructors, and energy medicine practitioners. This partnership allows you to provide quantum products that raise the frequency of the mind, body and spirit without the hassle of having an online store that requires shipping and keeping up with sales tax laws. Learn more about becoming a Wholesale Affiliate by booking a call today.

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