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Sometimes when things cannot be explained or proven, they are more powerful than the things that can. When you begin to look for answers beyond the world around you, you learn to go within and listen for the Divine YES. You learn to listen and master the yesses. In time, you have a series of yesses that come together to create miracles. 
~ Jewels








963 Scalar Frequency


Tune into BioQuantum conversations that support, uplift and empower. Experience the multidimensional mind, body and spirit with quantum leaders around the world.


Shop BioQuantum skincare, cosmetics, supplements & DMT™ products to help support and enhance your quantum shift.

Ascension Academy

Our Accelerated Ascension Academy offers a variety of courses, workshops, events, and live retreats. Learn how to hold consciousness in the frequency of 963.

Evolution Scalar Technology

  • BioQuantum Evolution Scalar Technology is a map with specific frequencies that activate the DNA, awakening the multidimensional experience of the body
  • BioQuantum technology is a scalar wave system that is in each of our products
  • The body already knows it has abilities beyond the limitations of the looping cycles of age and disease. When activating dormant DNA, consciousness begins to experience the Quantum Body
  • When DMT, 963 scalar frequency, is activated, the body begins to shift from looping in the programming of the cells (epigenetic mutation) and mind and begins to identify in an intelligent frequency that is transcribed in dormant DNA Codes
  • Over time the BioQuantum Evolution Scalar Technology allows the DNA to begin to awaken these codes, activating your experience of what it is to BEcome the Quantum Body.

Ask your DNA.

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What They Say

~ Lauren Ellis Galey, Founder, New Earth One Network

“All who choose to be a part of this beautiful collaboration tap into a frequency that is undeniable! Unity in creation, the pathway to a New Earth is truly magical! Jewels is dedicated to bringing in the energy sequences needed to raise the frequency of the human experience one cell at a time.”

~ Dave Asprey

“I’ve personally added the Particle Accelerator into my routine, and it’s been an absolute game-changer so far.”

~ Jodi

“Working with Jules Arnes via her bioquantum technology is evolving my full potential & expression at godspeed. She has a unique capacity to almost instantly extract & inspire what is real & true inside of me to speak for itself, giving me unparalleled access to the field of all possibilities. Jules embodies the systems she teaches with unwavering precision & generosity, heart to heart, which in turn gives me full permission to do the same. What we imagine and call our dreams are meant to come true!”

~ Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness

“Anyone listening to the” Becoming BioQuantum Podcast is a Humanoid. It is miraculous to me what a question can do and what a question can create in the world; being willing to see greater possibilities. This is what Jewels is doing with her podcast.”

~ Denise

“I purchased your Scalar Supplement and when I watered my house plants on Sunday, I opened a capsule and put the contents in my watering can and watered my plants with Scalar infused water. The energy of my home is very calm and inviting normally but when I got up Monday morning and walked through my home the energy was very different and my plants were grateful!”

~ Kate

“My 20 month old was bit in the face by our family dog. My office is right next to a plastic surgeon so I was using some “Fancy” Post surgical cream. I heard Jewels’s interview with Dave Asprey where he mentioned successfully using Ormus on his scar. I switched my care of the scar on my little guy to the DMT™ Ascension ORMUS and the results were astounding. So much reduction in swelling, redness, and tenderness almost immediately. I finished the bottle and re-ordered the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator by mistake. The results slowed, and then I realized that the product has a different purpose. I ordered the DMT™ Ascension ORMUS again, and I am now seeing dramatic continued improvement. So powerful. I am now using both products in my day-to-day routine, staying open to what is there to be experienced. Thank you Bioquantum Team.”

~ Luke Story

“There is Woo-Woo and there is Woo-True. This is Woo-True.”

Listen to Luke Story Lifestyle Podcast Interview with Jewels, “The Quantum Intelligence of DNA”.

~ Rebecca

“Jewels’ work has given me access to everything I’ve ever wanted and to a way of living I didn’t know was possible. For years, I had intuited that life could be different and that the spiritual journey could be more fun and easy. All my years of spiritual work had left me looping in cycles of clearing, wanting, and frustration. And then I found Jewels. Hallelujah! Jewels offers a way out of not only the endless cycles of self-improvement, but a way out of the matrix altogether. Once I found Jewels’ work, everything changed. I finally learned how to let go of wanting everything I didn’t have, and then like magic, everything I’d ever wanted (and more) began flowing into my life. If you open your heart to what Jewels teaches, this will be the last book on spirituality you ever have to buy.”

~ Sandy

“I am forever grateful for this Ascension university, this school of mastery. My life has never been the same since I made the discovery that my looping behaviors were a plethora of programs running by default in the operating system of my cellular makeup. My experience of life was a printout of my limiting beliefs. Through this work I have learned to tap into my full potential by shifting my consciousness/attention inward and aligning with the innate truth of who I am. I am Source Intelligence! Now in my 88th year of life, I am more excited about living than ever before. I have more energy, more vitality and more curiosity as to what new perspective, new revelation will be shown to me as I continue to raise in consciousness.”

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