Activate the Multidimensional Body

ORMUS works on a cellular level to shift consciousness from identifying in programmed thought to observing through frequency.

What value does ORMUS bring to its users?

The value of the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator is its ability to unlock profound states of consciousness which improves wellbeing and delivers life-changing shifts in awareness.

Imagine a product meticulously designed to synchronize your cells with the frequency of DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine), a renowned enhancer of positivity and intuition, measured at 963hz. With the ORMUS Activator, you’re not only embracing this transformational frequency, you’re also elevating your cells to a higher spin state.

ORMUS has been used since ancient times to decalcify the pineal gland. Activating the ability to hold mental focus in a very high state of consciousness. Because ORMUS is in an M-state, or spin state, it has the ability to connect to life force energy and amplify or strengthen it. We created the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator to add to our products for those wanting to bring the ingredients of our skincare products into an active state, speeding up the cells ability to heal.

What can ORMUS do for you?

It allows you to consciously access the benefits of DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) in your everyday life. By adding this frequency to the body on a daily basis it begins to raise the frequency of the physical body (cells). In short, it creates a high frequency environment for consciousness to exist within.

  • Average Human body resonates at 7.5-8.8 hz
  • DMT or the frequency is measured at 963 scalar frequency

What makes the Scalar 33 ORMUS different?

The Scalar 33 ORMUS is coded with DMT scalar Technology to specifically work with the responses of the cells to its environment. The ORMUS works on a cellular level to shift consciousness from identifying in programmed thought to observing through frequency. This can be seen as taking the programmed body and bringing it into a frequency that begins to turn on dormant source codes. The body begins to shift out of timelines as it raises in frequency, and you begin to experience consciousness in a state outside the looping cycle of fear, survival and age and disease. 

ORMUS is a Transitional Monoatomic Element

ORMUS is a transitional monoatomic element, meaning what is happening (scalar transmission or coding) in 1 bottle is happening in all the bottles. This is what it is to be both transitional and multidimensional. ORMUS is always shifting and changing and gets stronger over time. The elements are spinning/orbiting and every time they spin, it creates life force energy. So the longer it sits, the more life force energy is created.

ORMUS is intelligent and it’s always going to hold a higher frequency of intelligence that will override the ego or programming of the mind. To experience ORMUS is to feel the subtle shifts and trust the ascension process it activates. The more you actively connect your consciousness to the experience, the stronger relationship with the intelligence of the element becomes. You will have an individual experience of the Intelligence that when nourished, opens you up to the multidimensional experience of the mind, body and reality.

What science supports ORMUS Elements?

Minerals play an important role in cell health. They assist in transmission of nerve impulses, balance other elements to maintain a healthy immune system. 

Elements support the biological processes of energy exchange of electrons. ORMUS is  superconductive, meaning it does not have to touch for its energy to flow from one superconductor to another, unlike electricity that has to touch. Superconductors can sit at a distance from each other, and as long as they are in resonant frequency with each other, they are one. So when adding ORMUS to your daily life, it supports cellular structure to become superconductive. This increases the flow of biophotons, which generates lifeforce energy on a cellular level that amplifies the electromagnetic field of the body.

ORMUS Elements are transition metals that are part of every living thing. There seems to be the highest amount of ORMUS in the brain and heart. They play essential roles in the biological processes. These m-state elements are directly connected to life force energy or superconductivity of the body. 

ORMUS has been known for rapid healing, activating the pineal gland, higher consciousness, and extending telomere length, though research is still ongoing.

What are a few physical or emotional or mental health benefits of ORMUS?

ORMUS is an esoteric element that is on the forefront of human evolution. It has been used since ancient times to decalcify the pineal gland supporting mental focus in high states of consciousness allowing you to break free of looping cycles such as aging.

Why is the ORMUS Salty?

We use Dead Sea Salt to abstract the minerals and put them into a monatomic state. For this reason it will be salty. We keep it in a concentrated state so that you are getting more than if it was diluted like most ormus. We invite you to experience the ormus in it’s unique formula, as it is formulated through an alchemy that was passed down through the ancients.

ORMUS holds the Shift from Form to Spirit

Read Jewels’ blog post about ORMUS where she goes into more detail about what it is, it’s benefits, and how to incorporate it into your daily life to support your shift to frequency and higher consciousness.

scalar 33 ormus activator

  • Superconductor for electricity in the body, boosting cell health 
  • Protector against radiation 
  • Activate & Decalcify Pineal Gland 
  • Aids in Spiritual Awakening 
  • Harmonize and Balance Brain Hemispheres
  • Enhances cell health

How to use ORMUS for Cell Ascension

Learn more about what the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator is and how it works. Get a step by step guide that walks you through how to use it for conscious cell ascension along with the DMT™ Codes to help awaken dormant DNA codes. 

dmt ascension journey ormus how to guide

Get a step by step guide on how to use the DMT Ascension ORMUS with the DMT Codes and Movements. This process integrates consciousness into the Ascended DNA operating system raising the frequency of the body.


What They Say

~ Dave Asprey

“I’ve personally added the Particle Accelerator into my routine, and it’s been an absolute game-changer so far.”

~ Kate

“My 20 month old was bit in the face by our family dog. My office is right next to a plastic surgeon so I was using some “Fancy” Post surgical cream. I heard Jewels’s interview with Dave Asprey where he mentioned successfully using Ormus on his scar. I switched my care of the scar on my little guy to the DMT™ Ascension ORMUS and the results were astounding. So much reduction in swelling, redness, and tenderness almost immediately. I finished the bottle and re-ordered the Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator by mistake. The results slowed, and then I realized that the product has a different purpose. I ordered the DMT™ Ascension ORMUS again, and I am now seeing dramatic continued improvement. So powerful. I am now using both products in my day-to-day routine, staying open to what is there to be experienced. Thank you Bioquantum Team.”

~ Luke Story

“There is Woo-Woo and there is Woo-True. This is Woo-True.”

Listen to Luke Story Lifestyle Podcast Interview with Jewels, “The Quantum Intelligence of DNA”.

~ Rebecca

“Jewels’ work has given me access to everything I’ve ever wanted and to a way of living I didn’t know was possible. For years, I had intuited that life could be different and that the spiritual journey could be more fun and easy. All my years of spiritual work had left me looping in cycles of clearing, wanting, and frustration. And then I found Jewels. Hallelujah! Jewels offers a way out of not only the endless cycles of self-improvement, but a way out of the matrix altogether. Once I found Jewels’ work, everything changed. I finally learned how to let go of wanting everything I didn’t have, and then like magic, everything I’d ever wanted (and more) began flowing into my life. If you open your heart to what Jewels teaches, this will be the last book on spirituality you ever have to buy.”

~ Sandy

“I am forever grateful for this Ascension university, this school of mastery. My life has never been the same since I made the discovery that my looping behaviors were a plethora of programs running by default in the operating system of my cellular makeup. My experience of life was a printout of my limiting beliefs. Through this work I have learned to tap into my full potential by shifting my consciousness/attention inward and aligning with the innate truth of who I am. I am Source Intelligence! Now in my 88th year of life, I am more excited about living than ever before. I have more energy, more vitality and more curiosity as to what new perspective, new revelation will be shown to me as I continue to raise in consciousness.”

Evolution Scalar Technology

  • BioQuantum Evolution Scalar Technology is a map with specific frequencies that activate the DNA, awakening the multidimensional experience of the body
  • BioQuantum technology is a scalar wave system that is in each of our products
  • The body already knows it has abilities beyond the limitations of the looping cycles of age and disease. When activating dormant DNA, consciousness begins to experience the Quantum Body
  • When DMT, 963 hz, is activated, the body begins to shift from looping in the programming of the cells (epigenetic mutation) and mind and begins to identify in an intelligent frequency that is transcribed in dormant DNA Codes
  • Over time the BioQuantum Evolution Scalar Technology allows the DNA to begin to awaken these codes, activating your experience of what it is to BEcome the Quantum Body.

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