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Jewels Arnes

Founder & CEO of Becoming BioQuantum
Jewels has created BioQuantum Skincare and Supplements utilizing DMT frequency to activate dormant DNA. She can awaken your listeners to “how” they can tap into their body and boost physical and cognitive performance to experience the Advanced Human. Jewels invites you and your listeners to experience DMT as a scalar technology that activates the DNA to unlock the NEXT in Human Evolution.\


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Awaken DMT
When we use the scalar frequency of DMT in our daily life, what we discover is groundbreaking. We hold the ability to tap into a telepathic technology that reprograms limiting belief systems on a cellular level. These limitations are the experience of the body as it is…but we are truly so much more. The body IS the most advanced technology there is.

Biohacking The Advanced Human
Tap into your body and boost physical and cognitive performance to experience the Advanced Human. Learn how to uplevel your energy to optimize your workout, focus time, and overall well being while strengthening your guidance system to create your best life.

ORMUS Awakens Human Potential
ORMUS has been used since ancient times to decalcify the pineal gland and activate one’s ability to hold mental focus in a very high state of consciousness. ORMUS is held in an M-state or spin state. When brought into the body, consciousness is held in a state between form and frequency.


How Old are Your Telomeres?

In this episode, Jewels and Liane discuss Living through Frequency as a pathway to Becoming BioQuantum! What does BioQuantum Mean? Learn how you can use DMT to raise your vibration to create a life of purpose, joy, and magic.

What drives our own healing?

Enjoy this informative exclusive interview with Jewels by BRAINZ podcast host Mark SephtonHope. You will discover What DMT is and how it can awaken dormant DNA codes. You will also learn how we become and stay consistent in high frequency and what the benefits are of staying in a high frequency.

World's Only BioQuantum Skincare

Are you ready to start biohacking through your skin? BioQuantum Skincare made it’s appearance at the 9th Annual Biohacking Conference put on by Dave Asprey in Orlando Florida. Jewels Arnes spoke on how the first conscious skincare line is breaking out of the looping cycles and propelling us into the Quantum Body. Check it out if you missed it live!

Dave Asprey Interviews Jewels

Enjoy Dave’s recent interview with Jewels. They discuss DNA, genetic codes, consciousness, energy, and BioQuantum Skincare. Her expertise includes three decades of energy medicine, vibrational healing, and intensive consciousness work. She pairs that with creating tangible products, like the BioQuantum Skincare Technology, the Scalar Cosmetic Line, and an EvoStar Quantum App.

In this interview, you’re going to learn how BioQuantum Skincare enhances DNA & telomere health, how to use the products to treat skin conditions, how to advance the consciousness of the products, and how to advance skin health with no products at all. 

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 I’ve come to own a deeper sense of my inner Divine nature and more often consciously navigate daily interactions and activities with the energy of Divine Love. I am learning to trust in my intuition and Divine guidance. This level of understanding is slightly earth shaking for me but also a gift I accept. I am learning to keep looking up, moving forward, co-creating with God and actually being the creation. And this is a very, very big deal!


I am continually shifting in my consciousness, connection, clarity and confidence. The knowledge and tools that Jewel’s shares are keys to be the creator beings we came to be. Jewels led us through the foundational principles that enable us to transcend the programs of our mind and move into the realms of creating our next in our now. With practice, practice, practice, the results are beyond my wildest imagination.


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