Meet Jewels

Founder, CEO of Becoming BioQuantum

Jewels has been on a path to discovering the highest level of human potential since the age of 16. She began her journey as a vibrational therapist at age 17 and dove deep into the study of natural and energetic medicine.

In 2012 she had a traumatic spine injury and after a surgery that proved unsuccessful she began a new kind of healing. She started to heal through her cells’ own intelligence. She began to follow instructions from an intelligence that is stored in the DNA. She was able to heal her spine injury instantly through this intelligence.

After mastering this phenomenon, she decided to create a product that held the frequencies that support the cells in healing beyond ingredients, medicine or even supplements. She learned that in order to advance human potential, we need to bring the cells into a frequency where they can express an intelligence beyond what can be seen with the human eye.

Jewels began to experience and prove just how far we can go in advancing molecular form. We can awaken the 90% of human potential we are not currently using. This potential can be unleashed by upgrading the cells and moving beyond the cycle of degeneration and disease. This is the inspiration behind the Becoming BioQuantum DMT Academy and BioQuantum Skincare & Supplements. She has created pathways to help others by using DMT frequencies to support the cells in healing through an intelligence stored in the DNA.

Meet Liane

Co-Owner, Brand Ambassador, 963 Business Leader

In 2007, Liane had an out of body experience after being hit by a double-decker bus while crossing the streets of London. This was the catalyst to her conscious ascension journey and her pursuit for the truth of her existence.

Liane’s path of ascension included a series of retreats, webinars, healers, interactions with spirit, meditations, Ayahuasca ceremonies and then finally a divine intervention that led her to Jewels back in 2019. After listening to an interview Jewels had done with Lauren Galey, Liane just knew that “there was something there”.

Their first meeting took place during a private DECU session with Jewels. Being highly sensitive herself, Liane could feel the shifts within her body during that powerful process and she just KNEW that this was the answer she had been searching for and the NEXT in human evolution. This wasn’t just a healing session, it was a gateway to one’s capabilities to heal themselves.

Sharing a similar passion for human potential and empowering others to be their own source of light, Liane became an eager and dedicated student of the work and quickly stepped into the role of Master Teacher, Quantum Practitioner and now business partner.

Our Quantum Creators

Meet the Becoming BioQuantum Team


Founder, CEO
Some of My Favorite Things: My daughters, my fur babies, and hiking


Director of Distribution
Some of My Favorite Things: Astrology, yoga, and magic


Co-Owner, Brand Ambassador, Quantum Channeler
Some of My Favorite Things: My girls, the sun, and laughing out loud


Marketing & Technical Support Specialist
Some of My Favorite Things: Chocolate, reading, and painting


Some of My Favorite Things: Creating art, jazz, and crystals


Some of My Favorite Things: Magic, time with friends, and music

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