Leading the Way in Becoming BioQuantum with DMT

SAVE THE DATE Live Retreat

WHEN: October 11-16, 2024
WHERE: Sayulita, Mexico

Join us for a FIRST ever DMT LIVE Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico with hosts Jewels & Liane and featured guests Dakota Mays & Dave Robinson!

This 5 day, 6 night retreat will transform you in ways you didn’t know possible! DMT Coding is the NEXT in Psychedelics because it’s a pathway to exploring higher states of consciousness without consuming something outside of yourself. It’s an experience that activates DMT from within.

DMT Ascension Journey with Jewels

A Journey of the Body through 12 Earth Vortexes

When: September 2023 – January 2024
DMT Special Edition ORMUS

Jewels invites you to journey with her beginning in September to 12 earth vortexes with the intention of breaking the illusion of separation and attuning to the frequency of the quantum body. We will be neutralizing the separation between us and the earth so we can neutralize the dependency our body has to the earth.


  • 12 DMT Codes through Earth Vortexes
  • 12 DMT Code Reflection Live Zoom Calls
  • Pop-Up Zoom Calls: Check in zoom connections on the fly. Jewels will send out an email saying she’s jumping on a zoom call, join if you can!

DMT is the frequency of the Quantum body, your innate being. When activating each code, you are turning on an intelligence beyond the programmed body.

Join the Journey and experience your personal ascension as Jewels takes you to specific vortexes that were given through reading the intelligence of DMT. Each code shifts the mind, body, spirit and quantum connection beyond the 5 senses opening you up to who you are beyond what you know, understand or experience as life in this moment. This journey is for you if you are ready to experience what it is to LIVE a Quantum Life in the Quantum Body.


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