David Hudson owned a farm in Arizona. In the 1970’s he discovered an unusual substance on his land and became dedicated to learning more about it. The mystery of the substance was fascinating to him, so much so that he spent millions of dollars researching it. David Hudson was granted several patents for his research and analysis of these materials in 1989.

He named the substance ORMEs, Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. The scientific research behind ORME is complex. David was awarded patents that cover ten transitional elements, such as ORME palladium, ORME iridium, ORME ruthenium and ORME osmium.

ORMEs elements have been found to be present in most living cells. It is said that ORME elements inside the body increase life force energy. It is believed that when ORMEs elements are increased in the body, the connection between the cells are strengthened. David Hudson believes these elements are the, “light of life.”  

ORME is also called Ormus. It is a solution of monatomic, or “M-state” minerals suspended in liquid. These monatomic elements are Nature’s building blocks. Normally, the atoms of minerals are bound together, but monatomic minerals are in a spin state. Think of these elements as the physical bridge that connects consciousness with Human Form.  Truly a pathway to conscious evolution!