What Are Telomeres?

Telomeres are segments of DNA at the end of our chromosomes. They are responsible for preventing chromosomes from fraying or tangling with one another.  When this happens, it can cause genetic information to get mixed up or damaged, leading to cell malfunction. This can cause disease or even shortening lifespan.Each time a cell divides, its telomeres become shorter. After years of splitting, telomeres become too short for more divisions.  This is how our bodies age. As more of our cells lose their telomeres and can no longer divide, the body begins breaking down.

Dr Axe says, “Each telomere’s ticking biological clock has the potential to alter our lives in drastic ways but, interestingly, it’s not our age that determines when the clock will stop — it’s the length of our telomeres.”

There are things we can do to support telomere length which will in turn support LIFE!

  1. Reduce Stress:  

Next time you are under stress try taking a deep breathe, now relax your body.  Notice where you are holding tension and relax the muscles in that area. Bringing your attention to the body and asking it to relax is a great way to reduce stress throughout the day!

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise keeps your cells young!  A study showed that middle-aged adults that did light exercise have  telomere lengths that were, on average, 75 percent longer than those that did no exercise.   Try taking a walk or do yoga to expand your telomere life!

  1. Eat a Range of Foods for Antioxidant and Vitamin Benefits

Foods high in vitamins and essential minerals are believed to protect cells and their telomeres from damage.  There is some truth in the saying, “you are what you eat!”

Though science is yet to completely understand telomeres and  how they work, we start to improve our health by making small changes to lengthen them.  

~ Julie Arnes, July 23, 2018