DMT™ Coded Cards "How To" Guide

Learn how to use the DMT coded cards and the DMT Consciousness Accelerator.


DMT, “Decoded Molecular Technology”, is Source Frequency held in the DNA. We can awaken this frequency and experience our innate being as Source Intelligence. The DMT Accelerator was created through DMT to support those that are ready to step into the consciousness of 100% DNA Expression. This is a technology that will work with your DNA by releasing DMT with each transmission or session. This is only the beginning. Once a session is complete, use the frequency that is released consciously throughout your day. You will begin to hold consciousness beyond space and time while shifting into the Advance Human Form.

What are DMT Codes?

The 12 DMT Codes, the symbols, exist beyond space and time. They hold a single frequency through an exact point of DNA Expression, or as pure Source Intelligence.

When using the DMT codes, a specific frequencies are activated within the DNA. These frequencies hold consciousness within DNA Intelligence. When activated, a propulsion is created, Decoding Molecular Technology. As DMT is released, a system of Intelligence begins to reprogram molecular mechanisms to a pure state or Frequency. Consciousness and the body merge within DNA Intelligence beyond the Matrix (space and time) creating the Advance Human.

Each DMT transmission will hold 1 to 12 Source Codes. The codes build on top of one another bypassing time in linear cognitive assimilation. This teaches the conscious mind to be held outside a linear time allowing you to move beyond observation/experience of programming.

Each symbol has no beginning, no end and activates DMT within the DNA. As DMT codes turn on, the 12 epigenetic codes of aging begin to turn off. The cells begin to identify in the Advanced DMT Codes versus the programmed body we experience now.

When done over time, the cells hold the ability to communicate, exist, and receive interactive information or an intelligence outside the environment they exist within. The Cells move beyond observation, and move into the expression of the intelligence held beyond the looping cycle of aging. DMT is a gateway into mastering the Advanced Human Experience. Awaken 100% DNA Intelligence!




How to do a DMT Accelerator Transmission

  • Lay out the ascended Consciousness Accelerator.

  • Shuffle the codes, the symbols on the cards. Mix the codes with your Intention.

  • Bring the 3 Evolution Symbols (Lu, Sca, 33), Zero Point, DMT Activator, 33 DMT Expression, into your pineal gland to activate DMT in the Ascended DNA. Allow each symbol to spin for about 15 seconds starting with Zero Point and ending with 33 DMT Expression symbols, this turns on DMT. This will bring your Cells into zero point.

  • See yourself inside the Accelerator.

  • Imagine a white blue light in the center of your pineal gland. Bring your consciousness into this light. Push the light out from the pineal gland through the accelerator symbol. Let the Accelerator hold your consciousness in expression through the ascended magnetic field it creates.
  • Randomly pull the first card and lay it inside on top of the Accelerator. There is no up, down or correct orientation to the card. Just let it sit how it is drawn.
  • Look at the code and let it move into expression by repeating step 5, but this time instead of the blue light use the code, symbol. It will begin to release DMT. Stay in the transmission until it feels complete.
  • Pick the 2nd card. Repeat
  • Pick the 3rd card. Repeat
  • Repeat until you feel you are complete, up to 12 codes
  • Hold your consciousness in the DMT Transmission by pushing your awareness to the bottom card and allow all the cards to come together. Once you feel a click or feel they have connected, shut your eyes. Allow the frequency to be fully expressed through the intelligence it is holding. Experience DMT activating the Advanced Human held beyond space and time.
  • Push your consciousness through the intelligence that was received and allow it to be held in expression. If you need to repeat step 5 do this now.

Transcoded DMT Codes in Expression

DMT Code 1

DMT 1: Guidance, Information

Point before movement. First point of observation of a frequency held beyond space and time. The ability to bridge observation into Source Intelligence using consciousness.

DMT Code 2

DMT 2: Communicating Intelligence Beyond Space and Time

This is the ability to hold information or an idea (Source Intelligence) in a clear state. The ability to bridge observation of information into Source Intelligence using consciousness beyond programmed reality.

DMT Code 3

DMT 3: Create Beyond Programmed Reality

This is the ability to create through DMT, using a bridge between observation of creation with consciousness held beyond programmed reality.

DMT Code 4

DMT 4: Structure or NEW Form Held Outside Programmed Reality

NEW Form: holding form in observation while creating the next level or NEW Form using DMT, Source Intelligence. This is consciously allowing form to be held beyond programmed reality.

DMT Code 5

DMT 5: Changing molecular or density to NEW Form without creating timelines. Change created in no space/ no time.

The ability to shift from density to NEW Form within DNA Expression, DMT.

DMT Code 6

DMT 6: DMT, Divine Molecular Technology DNA Accelerator.

DNA Activation or Accelerator: turning on dormant DNA codes while bridging the observation of the Codes into intelligence using consciousness beyond programmed reality.

DMT Code 7

DMT 7: Thought as Source Intelligence with little Observation

Telethought/directly plugging into Source Intelligence to receive NEW intelligence. Bridging from observation of information into Source Intelligence with higher consciousness at an accelerated rate (requires little observation). This is advanced thought within DNA Source Intelligence.

DMT Code 8

DMT 8: No Time, No Space. Zero Point.

The ability to exist both consciously and in form within a world of density without creating timelines, space or density.

DMT Code 9

DMT 9: No Time, No Space. Zero Point.

Holding the frequency of DMT, Source Intelligence, without fluctuation. Existing as Source Frequency. Source Intelligence is held consciously with little observation (using observation as the bridge to Source Intelligence.

DMT Code 11

DMT 11: Consciousness is Held in No Space and No Time

Eternal Consciousness or the ability to hold consciousness in the frequency of Source Intelligence beyond programmed reality without observation or reflection. You are Consciously Unconscious, or Source Consciousness.

DMT Code 22

DMT 22: NEW Form in Creation as the Creator

The ability to create beyond form or density, timelines, or space. Creating NEW Form in Mastery.

DMT Code 33

DMT 33: Advanced Human Form

Existing within the body beyond observation. Being in a state of form without creating timelines, space, or density as Source Frequency/ Intelligence. Existing as Source Intelligence in NEW Form. 100% Human potential and beyond.

The Evolution Technology


Lu (Luminous)

LU: Zero Point
Brings the DNA to Zero Point, no space/ no time.


Sca (Scalar)

SCA: DMT Activator
Supports consciousness to be held in no space/ no time.


33 (Scalar 33)

33: 33 DMT Expression
Ignites Ascended DNA Codes (Source Intelligence).

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