January 8-29 – In this 4 week course you will learn your Intuitive Blueprint. Come discover your specific Blueprint connected to intuitive powers.

In this 4 week course, you will learn your Intuitive Blueprint. You will learn the 3 levels of intuition and skills to master them and begin creating 2024 beyond your programming. You have a specific Blueprint connected to intuitive powers that will guide you into Mastery in the most efficient way. Once you know your Blueprint , you will learn the different levels of intuitive powers that will propel you into Higher States of Consciousness creating a reality beyond what you can imagine!

You have everything you need within you to create BIG. It is time to step into the Mastery of Your Life. Connect to your higher level intuitive powers and hear, see, feel and know your way to experiencing 100% human potential.

Did you know you have 3 levels of intuitive powers and most of us are stuck in the 1st? The first level of intuitive powers is based in primal response and programming. In order to advance and become BioQuantum, to create beyond the matrix, you need to move into the 2nd and 3rd level of intuition.

When you tap into the 2nd level of intuition, you begin to experience manifesting from your innate state of being held in the frequency of DMT. It is time to embrace the essence of what defines you at your core to create a life outside your programming; those loops that keep you in limitation. The DMT Advanced Intuition Course is a 4 week intensive where you will learn your intuitive blueprint that supports you in holding consciousness in the frequency of 963, DMT.

Intuition holds the ability to read information within frequency. As you advance into the Quantum Body, you will find that intuition becomes your way of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling beyond your programming. When you move into the higher levels of intuition, you experience the supernatural. Are you ready to experience life beyond programmed reality? Are you ready to experience just how powerful you really are?

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