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Wealth Consciousness Mastermind

February 26 May 13 – Learn the 12 steps to manifesting abundance and how to manifest through the intelligence held within your DNA. Journey through the 12 Avatars, bringing your desire into reality.

Becoming BioQuantum Mini Retreat

March 10 – This 2 and half hour mini retreat is for anyone ready to AMPLIFY their Personal Power, shift their life into the Quantum Field and Activate the Quantum Body Experience!

DMT BioPerformance Training & Expedition

Training June 17-Sept 16 and Colorado Expedition Sept 20-25The “Training” and “Expedition” are now open for enrollment. They are designed for anyone wanting to step into mastering the physical body in the frequency of 963.

DMT InterStellar Retreat, Sayulita, mexico

October 11-16Activate the BioLight Body through 12 DMT InterStellar Activations through the Breath connected to star formations. Experience NO time NO space continuum of the stars through the Ascended DNA.

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