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Abundance 888 Scalar Blend Oil

Abundance 888 Scalar Blend Oil 10 ml bottle In the frequency of scalar 888, this proprietary oil blend was created to support your body to attune to the frequency of your DMT Avatar in expression of infinite abundance and prosperity.  The DMT Avatar holds the essence...

Quantum Body Crème

The Quantum Body Crème is a refining body hydrator that promotes healthy looking skin.  Composed of red Seaweed, botanical extracts and caffeine, this biohacking body cream revitalizes, invigorates and nourishes areas of the skin that have become devitalized. NEW! The...

$50 Gift Card Promo

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Women’s BODY-hacking Holiday Gift Box (Regular Price $383)

Created for our body conscious biohackers, this synergistic package is designed to enhance and attune every cell of body both inside and out to the frequency of Scalar 963 for an overall body experience.  Package includes our NEW Quantum Body Crème, our restoratively...