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BioQuantum Accelerated Skincare & Lifestyle Products

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Becoming BioQuantum is leading the way in Quantum Accelerated skincare and lifestyle products that decode the molecular technology of the body to attune to the scalar frequency of DMT™ (963Hz). This scalar frequency signals the body into optimal states of being.

Join the DMT™ Ascension Journey
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DMT™ Ascension Journey with Jewels

A Journey of the Body through 12 Earth Vortexes

When: September 2023 – January 2024
DMT™ Special Edition ORMUS

Jewels invites you to journey with her beginning in September to 12 earth vortexes with the intention of breaking the illusion of separation and attuning to the frequency of the quantum body. We will be neutralizing the separation between us and the earth so we can neutralize the dependency our body has to the earth.


  • 12 DMT™ Codes through Earth Vortexes
  • 12 DMT™ Code Reflection Live Zoom Calls
  • Pop-Up Zoom Calls: Check in zoom connections on the fly. Jewels will send out an email saying she’s jumping on a zoom call, join if you can!


Learn how to shift consciousness into a frequency that bypasses limitations and signals the body into optimal states of being.

  • The average human holds the frequency of 7.5Hz
  • DMT measures in the frequency of 963Hz
  • 963Hz is the frequency of Source Intelligence
  • This Intelligence is stored in your DNA
  • You can attune to the frequency of DMT
  • And you can awaken this Intelligence

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