DMT™ Avatar Level ONE

The avatar holds the identity of your Superhuman.

The DMT Avatars hold a blueprint in themselves as each one can be mastered to create the Quantum Body or 100% Human Potential.

DMT Avatars & Ascended Astrology

Experience Jewels’ weekly Ascended Astrology DMT “All Signs” Readings where she reads the frequency that is specific to the DMT Avatars (to discover your Level 1 DMT Avatar, see the Wheel and Avatar descriptions below).

The “All Signs” Readings are a delivery system of Scalar Wave technology through the DMT Codes. This delivery system is designed to attune the Mind, Body and Consciousness to the frequency of 963 (scalar frequency), or Source Intelligence. The more you experience these readings the more you attune to scalar frequency (963) and create pathways towards freedom and abundance.

The codes activate a vibrational pattern for your body to hold. The DMT Avatars hold a blueprint and each one can be mastered to create the Quantum Body or 100% Human Potential. 

DMT Astrological Wheel & Avatar Descriptions


  1. Locate  your zodiac (birth sign) on the wheel below to learn the DMT Code Number that corresponds with your birth sign
  2. Then find your DMT Code Number in the list of avatar descriptions below to learn more about that DMT Avatar
  3. Example: Capricorn is DMT Code 11 (DMT Avatar is the Mastermind)


  1. Locate the zodiac sign on the wheel that is directly across from your Level 1 zodiac sign (birth sign).
  2. The DMT Code Number that corresponds with your opposite sign will represent your Supporting DMT Avatar
  3. ExampleLevel 1 Avatar: Capricorn (DMT Code 11: Mastermind) the Supporting Avatar: Cancer (DMT Code 4: Alchemist)

How to use Ascended Astrology Readings

As you watch the readings, hold yourself in an open intuitive state. Let your intuition guide you through as the reading unfolds. The information Jewels shares in the reading is there to hold a reflection for your consciousness to see more than you may see on your own. You may want to watch the reading more than once throughout the month as your consciousness will rise through the DMT codes. When you re-watch the reading you will hear, see or receive the information in a new way.

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DMT Code 1 | Aries: Inventor/Innovator

The Inventor is an innovator of quantum technology. You have the ability to upgrade what has already been created. You are a leader, wayshower, changemaker. You are an inventor of new thoughts/ ideas. You are the first to explore the intelligence held in the frequency of 963. Others turn to you for new ideas or to see things in a new way. You focus on allowing the frequency of 963 to integrate into your body through a sense of knowing versus needing to understand it through the intellect. This allows you to hold the thought outside of programming until consciousness understands the intelligence held in the frequency.

DMT Code 2 | Taurus: Connector/Communicator

As a Communicator you create the blueprint of new ideas. You communicate these ideas to others so that it can be held in a reflection beyond what has already been created. You take new ideas and translate them to others in a clear way. You give them a sense of what is possible. You have the ability to see, sense, hear or know an idea and talk about it in a way that  has never been done before. You are the bridge between the spirit and material world. A bridge between Source Frequency and the programmed reality.

DMT Code 3 | Gemini: Architect/Producer

As an architect you create a blueprint of the information held within the intelligence of DMT. You take the ideas from the Communicator Avatar and hold it in a frequency outside of programming so that it can be written down, sketched or delivered to others in a clean and clear way. You are creative and inspirational. You take inspired action in order to create a vision others can see in order to build or create from. You have the ability to design a vision for others to create from.

DMT Code 4 | Cancer: Alchemist/Constructor

As an Alchemist you create new form in the way of courses, structure, books, art, businesses ect., beyond programmed reality. You take the blueprint from the Architect Avatar and build it in the frequency of 963. You have the ability to Build a foundation that can be held beyond timelines or programming. You hold the frequency of the  Superhuman creating a  New world. You have the ability to take something that has already been created and bring it into a higher frequency. You transcend form to new form .

DMT Code 5 | Leo: Shapeshifter/Explorer

As a shapeshifter you have the ability to be in the midst of change without resisting it. You can move into density or resistance and bring it back into flow. As a shapeshifter, you can take on an identity and express what is needed in a pure frequency. You have the ability to shift from observing the illusion of reality to, observing through the frequency of 963, instantly. You explore through what has been created. You strive to hold your awareness beyond what has been created so that you can hold the frequency of DMT, or Source Frequency.

DMT Code 6 | Virgo: Pioneer/Seeker/Re-Programmer

As a pioneer, you have the ability to reprogram reality on a DNA Level. You Ascend bloodlines or break through looping patterns of family, relationships and genetic distortions. You seek the truth beyond the illusion of how the body and DNA  function. You see the viruses held in the software system of life and reprogram them  to a higher frequency or truth. You take lead on the creation of the Quantum Body or mastering the false limitations of the body. You break looping cycles of generations, karma, life and the death cycle. You seek ways to live from your highest potential. You  keep going when it is hard or uncomfortable. You override the primal responses and push the boundaries of the body, mind and reality.

DMT Code 7 | Libra: Messenger/Teacher

As a teacher or messenger, you have direct, clear communication with the intelligence held in the frequency of Source or DMT. You have the ability to sense, hear, see or know what the intelligence is saying. You are a clear channel and use the information you receive to guide others out of the matrix or programmed reality. You translate Source intelligence through the 4 or 5th level of consciousness or 2nd and 3rd level of intuitive powers. You experience thought outside of the programmed mind or intellect. You enjoy sharing this information with others through teaching, guiding or speaking. You enjoy connecting others to their highest potential through speaking the intelligence of Source.

DMT Code 8 | Scorpio: Manifestor/Magician

The  Magician Avatar has the ability to live outside of time, by holding the frequency of 963. You shift anything that is focused on into abundance and overflow. You are seen as magical or mystical. Everything you touch turns to gold, aka,moves into the frequency of 963. You have an initiative ability to stay in flow. Synchronicity exudes from you and you bring this energy to those around you. Abundant and/or limitless energy radiates from you. The glass is always half full. You look at life as a canvas of possibilities and have the ability to bring others into this reality.

DMT Code 9 | Sagittarius: Matrix Master

As a Master of the Matrix, you Break through the illusion of reality with  clarity that others can see, feel, sense or understand. You deliver truth to others that creates empowerment over fear. You have the ability to gamify reality and show the world the illusion they live in. You unravel distortion by mastering the programmed reality matrix. You have the ability to see through the veil. To see deception or manipulation and clearly show others a truth beyond it. You hold a space of calm and peace within the chaos. You hold the truth in the frequency of Source, 963.

DMT Code 11 | Capricorn: Mastermind

As a Mastermind you hold consciousness in the frequency of 963 or Source Intelligence. You have the ability to live outside of the programmed reality/mind in a very conscious way. You rarely move into ego and become aware of it very quickly. You have the ability to use personalities or personas to speak, communicate, interact or think as Source. You master new ideas and bring them into a frequency where others can also hold consciousness beyond the programmed mind/ reality. You can create a field holding the frequency of 963 and invite others to experience it without interference. You have the ability to reflect the Mind of Source so others can experience it.

DMT Code 22 | Aquarius: Master-Creator

As a Master Creator you build and/or create within the frequency of 963. You have the ability to create beyond the observation of the illusion. Meaning you can create something in the frequency of Source without observing the creation from the programmed mind. You create outside of the matrix or programmed reality and live your life in what is created beyond time and space. You hold consciousness in the 4th and 5th level to create a New Reality. You are a 5D Creator, creating new form through vision or information held in 963, Source Intelligence. You are the Creator and the Creation in the same moment.

DMT Code 33 | Pisces: BioQuantum/Master of the Quantum Field

As a master of the quantum field, you are Becoming BioQuantum. You are a Master of the mind, body and spirit in the intelligence of 963. You are living and creating reality in the quantum field as the body, or through the ascended DNA . You experience the 5th level of consciousness. Consciousness becomes the frequency of the intelligence stored in the DNA (963) and merges with Source intelligence. The Body and consciousness become one in the frequency of 963. You learn to master limitations of the body/ mind and share how you did it with others. You can break the illusions, or looping cycles of the body/mind and know exactly how you did it. You could be seen as a Master Biohacker. A Master of holding the body and mind in Source intelligence. You are the Advanced or Super-human.

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