DECU Certification is for those wanting to take their journey into deeper self knowing through the reflection of another. This is a step into mastering the reprogramming of your cells and up-leveling the Human Experience.

Are you ready to take reprogramming cellular intelligence to the next level? Whether you want to work as a practitioner or just go deeper into self mastery, taking the DECU Certification course will change your life. We have many people take this course to advance their ascension. It is a powerful journey!

At the end of the course you will receive a Legal Certification as well as Trademark rights to the DECU Logo.

Interested in taking the DECU Certification Course?

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More About DECU (DNA Expression Cellular Upgrade)

Reprogramming cellular intelligence is the foundation of cellular Alchemy. It is the voice of empowerment, the wisdom of Source Intelligence.

We believe we have a choice in how our cells will experience life. We can move through unconsciously having moments of knowing there is another way, or we can wake up in those moments and never go back.  WE learn to Master Molecular Form. Learning the DECU Technology dramatically enhances cell life. DECU is a gateway to becoming conscious of the intelligence stored in the DNA.

DECU is an Ascension Accelerator. We are reprogramming our cells to a higher frequency held in no time and no space by bringing the cell into the expression of Source Intelligence.