DMT™ Copper Coded Card

shift your frequency to hold different states of consciousness 

Copper Coded DMT™ Scalar Frequency Card

Sold Individually or in Bundles of 3

Copper Coded DMT™ Scalar Frequency Transmission Card

The Copper coded card comes with 10 quick shift codes to shift your frequency to hold different states of consciousness within the body. It can be also be used to diminish EMF’s activate and structure water and/or food. Code yourself to the NEXT in Human Evolution with DMT Codes at your fingertips!

DMT™, “Decoded Molecular Technology”, an intelligence or Frequency held in the DNA. We can awaken this frequency and experience our innate being as Source Intelligence. The DMT™ Accelerator was created through DMT to support those that are ready to step into the consciousness of 100% DNA Expression. This is a  technology that will work with your DNA by releasing DMT with each transmission or session.  

This is only the beginning. Once a session is complete, use the frequency that is released consciously throughout your day. You will begin to hold consciousness beyond space and time while shifting into the Advance Human Form.

What are DMT™ Codes?

The 12 DMT™ Codes, the symbols, exist beyond space and time. They hold a single frequency through an exact point of DNA Expression. You can see them as releasing the gene codes of Human Evolution.

When using the DMT™ codes, specific frequencies are activated within the DNA. These frequencies hold consciousness within DNA Intelligence. When activated,  a propulsion is created, Decoding Molecular Technology. As DMT is released, a system of Intelligence begins to reprogram molecular mechanisms to a pure state or Frequency. Consciousness and the body merge within DNA Intelligence beyond the Matrix (space and time) opening consciousness into the Advance Human, Quantum Body.

Each DMT™ transmission holds 1 to 12 ascended gene Codes. The codes build on top of one another bypassing time in linear cognitive assimilation. This teaches the conscious mind to be held outside a linear time allowing you to move beyond observation/experience of programming.

Each symbol has no beginning, no end, and activates DMT within the DNA. As DMT codes turn on,  the 12 epigenetic codes of aging begin to turn off. The cells begin to identify in the Advanced DMT™ Codes versus the programmed body we experience now.

When done over time, the cells hold the ability to communicate, exist, and receive interactive information or an intelligence outside the environment they exist within, the programmed body.  The Cells move beyond observation, and move into the expression of the intelligence held beyond the looping cycle of aging. DMT™ is a gateway into mastering the Quantum Body, the Advanced Human Experience. Awaken 100% DNA Intelligence!

Directions & Quick Shifts


Use the copper coded card to structure water/food: Tap the card on the glass or bottle 12 times or simply set your water onto of the card for 3 minutes.

Use the copper coded card to diminish EMF frequency. Place your phone on top of the card or in a phone sleeve and have it with you all the time! You never know when you will want use the codes to shift the frequency you are experiencing. 

Quick Shifts:

On the back of the card you will see different intentions. Pick the intention you are wanting to work with. Then place your thumb or finger on each code for about 10 seconds. Once you move through all the codes of the intention take a moment to witness the shift. Allow your self to hold consciousness in the frequency. If you feel nothing, that is okay. It is still working!


Helpful Tip when Using the Copper Card

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I’ve been placing 3 or 4 fingers on the numbers for different shifts simultaneously. Do I need to touch each number sequentially or whether I can touch all simultaneously.

A: I place my finger (thumb) on each code in order of the sequence. So each code for about 10 to 20 seconds. I just have a knowing of when to go to the next number (code). You cannot do it wrong. It will work regardless of how you do it, so pick how it feels best to you. ~Jewels

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DMT™ Coded Technology Code Cards

Our DMT™ Coded Cards are another great tool that can help you learn to hold consciousness beyond programmed reality.

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