Coaching Session

Liane Lopes

Co-Owner & Brand Ambassador of Becoming BioQuantum, Certified DECU & OM Codes Practitioner, Manifest & Ascension Coach 

Session Time: 50 minutes by Zoom
Session Price: $250
Details: Sessions are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. Please note our strict 24 hours cancelation policy.
Booking: All sessions must be completed within a 12 month window from your first appointment.

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Well a surprise is one thing since every session is completely unique. In fact everything about the experience is carefully curated to help elevate you into the next level of your personal evolution. During this 50 minute session, you will be held in a safe container and invited to shift any limitations and/or limiting beliefs into higher states of consciousness. Should you have no clue what it is that you would like to work on, then no worries, this is exactly good and right. Divine Intelligence is always running the show and Liane channels this through in the most inspiring, uplifting and heartfelt ways. Sessions include a personalized recorded energy process to help integrate the new frequency patterns.

My work is unique as I combine energy healing, channeling, and life coaching into one jam packed platform, making me “The Quantum Coach” …. because life is meant to be ENJOYED!

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