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We recognize the importance for spa owners and managers to stay on the frontier of the most innovative skincare products available today. There is an overwhelming amount of anti-aging skincare brands and facial treatments being offered and people are wanting and looking for something more.  

We want to share with you the world’s only conscious living skincare line that is getting the attention of biohackers and influencers such as Dave Asprey. Our BioQuantum Skincare is a medi-science skincare line that delivers DMT, Decoded Molecular Technology, frequencies to turn off epigenetic codes, boost telomere and mitochondrial health and awaken the cells to 100% human potential.

What We Offer

When a client books a treatment at your spa, they are honoring the call to gift themselves more love, relaxation, pampering, and to unwind and be present. As a spa curator, every treatment you provide is an opportunity to impress and surpass your guests’ expectations so they walk away knowing they just experienced something that was truly exceptional. This is how confident we are about adding our trademarked Enlightened Facial™ mask to any one of your spa’s facial treatments. Offer your guests what they already love, and then uplevel it with an extra high-frequency mask that is coded to attune the cells to DMT, 963hz.

  • Are you ready to bring Biohacking into your wellness business?  
  • Are you ready to provide the next-level in age-reversal and cellular regeneration that is hacking the timeline of aging?
  • Are you ready to offer your guests an “Enlightened Facial™” mask that raises the vibration of your spa services to attune the cells to the frequency of scalar 963hz?

BioQuantum’s Enlightened Facial™ masks offer an immersive experience using both sensory and quantum technology delivery systems. It is an “enlightened experience” because it offers more than rejuvenation. It supports your client in holding higher states of consciousness, a likeness of 100 hours of meditation and an awakening to their fullest human potential.

    If you would like to learn more about BioQuantum Technology then please contact us to schedule a zoom meeting for an educational discussion. We love to share our passion and expertise about Biohacking Skincare and look forward to creating intentional collaborations with you.

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