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2024 Ascended Astrology Forecast Highlights

Our  monthly forecasts and DMT Activations attune you to your highest possibilities for the month ahead through the power of astrology and DMT codes (1st Thursday each month).

2024 Ascended Astrology Forecast Highlights

2024 (8) - Year of Abundance

Reflecting on these forecasts throughout the year (or at the end of the year) can offer you opportunities to consciously ascend what it means to experience these energies and tune into what the Intelligence has to say so that you can harness them for personal expansion and creation.

January 2024 Forecast Highlights

Capricorn Season

– Earth sign: practical, reliable, responsible, dependable

– In tune with the world

– Structure, limits, authority

– Pursuing concrete achievable goals

– Now is the time to put goals or plans into play

– Take New Year’s resolutions seriously for 2024

– Before the end of January create the pattern of how you want the year to go

– Use this time wisely

– Use the Avatar as a tool to help with planning if planning doesn’t come easy to you


JANUARY Activating DMT Shift Code: 1, 8, 9

JAN 1 – More flow with technology, travel, & communication

  • Easier to express feelings
  • Better clarity in communication
  • Good time for discussions
  • Possible shadow period but overall positive

JAN 4 – Time to focus on planning and preparations

  • Significant opportunity to prepare
  • Get plans in place
  • Practice living as you would like to
  • Overall great time to focus on planning
  • Pay attention to opportunities that become available

JAN 11 – Set intentions for the year ahead

  • Set intentions
  • Take time to write what you want to manifest
  • Consider pairing your intention with a ritual or ceremony
  • This time adds intensity and power to your intentions
  • Big Shift
  • Be mindful of influences of obsessions and passions – just receive everything as information

JAN 13 – Brings stability to communication

  • A period of ease and grace begins
  • Stability to communications
  • Practicality
  • Discipline
  • Use these benefits while they’re here

JAN 20 – Explore new horizons – innovation and humanitarian focus

  • Beginning of Aquarius Season
  • Inspire oneness (will impact years to come)
  • May have been feeling a little stuck, this will shift as we bring in the air sign of Aquarius
  • New ideas may begin to come in
  • Time to embrace new ideas
  • New opportunities may emerge
  • Humanitarian pursuits
  • Lots of creativity

JAN 23 – Structure and boundaries within relationships

  • Love, relationships, harmony, aesthetics
  • Relationships will experience a big impact
  • Take a closer look how your relationships serve you and vice versa
  • Re-assess and make any adjustments to make sure all is in alignment with your values
  • How are you interacting with others?

JAN 25 – Inspiration, creativity, and fun

  • Brings burst of inspiration and creativity
  • Good time to work on creative projects
  • Coming out of stagnation
  • Brings in passion and fire
  • Explore new ideas
  • Fun and joy

JAN 27 – Time to take flight, time to emerge!

  • Full steam ahead
  • No more planets in retrograde!
  • Momentum is building
  • Time to take off, emerge and take action!
  • Ideas can be abrupt, consider having a way to document or capture your ideas and what comes through
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks and jump in – you got this!
  • Reflect back to what happened around December 27, 2023. It might show back up and show you a new perspective

February 2024 Forecast Highlights

FEBRUARY Activating DMT Shift Code: 2, 22, 6


FEB 5 – Communication is full of ideas – freedom thinking intense mental activity

  • Intense/potent mental activity – intentional communication
  • Potent communication quality with others
  • May feel the urge to obsessively dig for information
  • Be cautious in regards to control over others through communication and use discernment in communications with others

FEB 9 – Introspection, creativity into action, connection to others

  • Good time to write things down
  • Be ready for lots of ideas to come in
  • Great time for introspection
  • Questions to ask yourself: What ideas are showing up? How are my creations beckoning to come into action? What am I feeling most passionate about at this time?
  • Brings freedom, change, and innovative energy
  • Could feel isolating – seek connection with others
  • Expect some swift changes or disruptions

FEB 13 – Action, assertion, willpower, strength – shadow programming can show itself

  • Action, assertion, strength
  • Innovation, freedom
  • Collectively we may see malicious energy showing up especially around people’s ideas of freedom- volatility
    shadow programming may shows itself
  • Examine if you are looping in anger – what information is there for you to see?

FEB 14 – Could feel tricky to navigate – disruptive behavioral patterns may surface – harness power for creativity

  • Powerful assertive energy
  • Could be a difficult aspect of the month – tricky to navigate – may feel the urge to control – ego over others
  • Power plays – avoid situations with this atmosphere
  • Could be useful to muscle through difficult work
  • May feel the desire to harness and use your power at this time

FEB 16 – Love, relationships, family, self worth, boost of energy for creative endeavors, collaborations

  • Innovative energy
  • Boost of artistic energy
  • Possible creative collaborations with others
  • Comfortable connections with others
  • Romantic relationship can be heightened
  • Intensity and obsession can occur
  • Deep passionate feelings towards those you love

FEB 17 – Imagination and emotional awareness, integration, shifts, heightened intuitive power

  • Intensity, intimate, passion and a yearning for depth in relationships
  • Be cautious of trying to use force to manipulate relationships

FEB 18 – Imagination and emotional awareness, integration, shifts, heightened intuitive power

  • Heightened sensitivity, intuition, and emotional awareness
  • Spiritual matters may be of focus
  • May experience an urge to go inward to heal before beginning a new cycle
  • Rest and reset

FEB 22 – Static in relationships can surface – arouses desire to connect intimately – self expression

  • Aggression in relationships could arise
  • Be aware of attraction to drama
  • Balancing the divine masculine and feminine- a good time to look at these aspects of yourself and how they are affecting your
    self awareness
  • Good time for healthy communication and setting boundaries and having healthy creative outlets and expression

FEB 23 – Communication and technology – intuitive and imaginative shifts in communication

  • This is the time to take responsibility for past actions
  • A good time to check in on how your managing

FEB 24 – Personal accountability

  • This energy can feel like a reality check
  • A good time to check in and get back to center

FEB 27 – Temptation toward premature action – good time to stay present in your endeavors – overexertion

  • This is a time of successful and energetic activity
  • Inspires future focus to further projects

FEB 28 – Reflection of personal lessons feeling like gifts, honor your journey, feels like traction versus expansion

  • Honor how far you’ve come
  • You may notice how the energy lightens up at this time


March 2024 Forecast Highlights

March Activating DMT Shift Code: 3, 9, 33



March 3 –  Excitement & stimulation in relationships

  • Love, relationships, harmony
  • Be patient in relationships – stepping back and taking responsibility for your feelings and impulses
  • Awakening

March 8 – Nothing is as it seems

  • Illusion, delusion, daydreaming
  • Nothing will seem as it is
  • Not an ideal day for important decisions or intellectual pursuits
  • A good time for spiritual or intuitive endeavors

March 9 – Disruptive energy, stay in flow; be mindful of communications

  • Action, willpower, assertion
  • Awakening energy
  • Abrupt changes, impulsiveness, urge to break through restrictions
  • Asking us to be comfortable with constant change
  • New creations to stay in flow
  • Time of straightforward honest communication

March 10 – Out of the mind and into the body

  • Great time to go inward and reflect over last month
  • Make new wishes
  • Blurs boundaries between imagination and reality
  • Using imagination to go into the body and practice consciousness tools

March 11 – A shift to creativity that has the power to influence

  • Artistic endeavors, creations that touch people in deeper ways
  • Less concerned with what is created and more concerned with how can I create things that impact people on a deeper level

March 17 – Stimulates a higher awareness of others

  • Be cautious of the impulse to want to escape
  • Can be ego deprecating and can make it more difficult to understand
  • Puts us more in tune with others and deeper truths
  • Spirituality

March 19 – Fresh start

  • Astrological New Year
  • Fresh start, new beginnings, lots of fresh energy
  • Good time to start new endeavors

March 21 – Love and affection can feel dry

  • Affection is still there but may feel a little suppressed
  • What role do relationships play your life including the relationship with self?

March 22 – Allow yourself to flow

  • May experience sluggish around this time
  • Lack of motivation
  • Just flow
  • Time to get your bearings

March 25 – New beginnings or endings; information will come forward

  • Information being eclipsed
  • Shining a light on information
  • You may notice a continuation of energies and things that occurred from the last eclipse in October of 2023

April 2024 Forecast Highlights

April Activating DMT Shift Code: 4, 11, 6



April 1

  • Re-do, review, re-visit, reimagine before committing to anything
  • Communication, technology, travels delays
  • Re-visiting Aries/Inventor themes
  • Self interest

April 3

  • The planet of love and relationships comes together with the dreamy planet of Neptune
  • Day for creativity to be truly inspirational and transformative
  • May feel a selfless aspect to love and relationships at this time

April 4

  • The planet of love and relationships moves into the fiery and fierce sign of Aries
  • Brings independence in love and relationships
  • Brings passion to relationships both romantic and platonic

Apri 8 – Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

  • Most potent Eclipse
  • Last one was August 21, 2017
  • Because it’s in Aries we’re looking at independence, personal change, definitely New Beginnings
  • Chiron is very active, wounded healer energy, stuff may come up around wounds, healers may be ready to shed the program of always holding a wounded space
  • This is the space we’ll be called to ascend the wounded healer in <3

April 10 

  • Could be very frustrating energy
  • The planet of action comes together with the planet of responsibility
  • Other people may be intolerable
  • A great use of this time is to stick with routine matters that already have an established energetic pattern or put your energy into hard work
  • You can get a lot of work done on this day if you are able to manage the anger that can correspond with this transit

April 11 

  • Planet that rules the energetic system and represents the soul comes together in conversation with the planet of travel, technology and communication
  • Emphasizes areas of life ruled by mercury, so more communications, travel and technological advancement possible during this time
  • With Mercury specifically being retrograde, we could be advised during this time to re-visit, re-access, re-do previous stuff
  • If you aren’t too wrapped up in self (sun and Ego) it’s a good time to plan for the future, don’t pull any triggers tho, wait to see what else comes through with the end of mercury retrograde

April 19

  • The planet of the intellect comes into close conversation with the planet of love and relationships
  • This is a very intellectual transit, meaning you may think more about love than actually act on it
  • Can stimulate your appreciation for beauty and aesthetically appealing ideas
  • Sun in Taurus – very grounding, ready to move forward with the ideas and inspiration that came through during Aries season

April 20

  • This is the transit of unexpected surprises or blessings
  • New opportunities, striving for freedom, being in the youth of it all
  • Sudden windfalls or opportunities present themselves
  • New possibilities can come up out of nowhere or in a surprising way
  • May be struck with the desire and ability for travel
  • Really allows broadening of perspectives and seeing life in a whole new way

April 23

  • Deep, passionate energy
  • Lots of emotions can surface and deep held passions can show themselves
  • Also great time for ritual of releasing anything that came up during the Eclipse if you haven’t already done so

April 25

  • All done with re-dos! Time to put all that planning and preparation into ACTION!

April 28

  • This is the valentine’s day energy, idealism in relationships
  • At its worst loved one’s may not live up to expectations, but those expectations were probably not realistic
  • Creativity of this day is very high and there is a sense of bringing creations into reality through our imagination or daydreams
  • There’s a sense of spirituality brought to love and relationships, I’m really getting here we may be able to tap into loving others from frequency rather than what they can do or who they are to us

April 29

  • The planet of love and relationships moves into the grounding and stabile sign of Taurus
  • Brings harmony and balance to relationships, can bring foundation to build upon
  • Stabilizing energy available to tap into if any relationship issues have arisen around the eclipse or mercury retrograde

April 30

  • It’s GO TIME!
  • Planet of action and assertion moves into its ruling sign of Aries
  • Fiery energy to push any projects forward, don’t burn yourself out though
  • Pay attention to what the body needs around this time especially if engaging in strenuous activities


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